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2009-12-23 22:18:31 by jokerjake10

i just wanted to inform tht i wont be putting stuff up on newgrounds tht much and thankyou to all the ppl who visit ma page

new post

2009-12-03 21:05:58 by jokerjake10

blah blah blah new post blah

hello ppls

2009-11-14 22:17:00 by jokerjake10

hi ppls if u want to comment go ahead

board i think thts how u spell it wateva

2009-11-08 22:05:39 by jokerjake10

la la la la laaaaa im board so im makin a post dawg :]

on this site a lot now

2009-11-02 22:09:34 by jokerjake10

im startin to get used to this awesome site

im new

2009-08-26 21:56:16 by jokerjake10

i am a new member of newgrounds.